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Ubeya Network has two goals, one is to create a space where anyone can easily and efficiently receive offers for temporary workers.
The second is to group together and provide job opportunities to staffing agencies.

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Whether you need 3 workers to fill your shift gaps or 300 workers for a festival you’re hosting, Ubeya network is here to help you get the best people for the job from various staffing agencies

All in one system for employee management, time tracking, attendance tracking, clocking in, signing up for shifts and chatting with your team

How Does It Work?

Instead of reaching out to each staffing agency, starting negotiation and wasting a lot of precious time, we offer you the very first network where you can get offers from various agencies in just a few clicks. 
No phone calls, no emails, no meetings.

All you need to do is send a job request specifying when, where and how many temp workers you need (we highly recommend specifying how much you wish to pay per working hour).The staffing agencies will view your request on their requests dashboard and return to you with their offer.

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