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Manage, re-deploy, and retain temporary and contract talent with Ubeya.

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Empower employees with real-time information, clarity, and updates on last-minute changes
Provide your clients with a digital interface through which they can easily interact with you
Promote flexible scheduling and reap the benefits of improved employee retention and engagement
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Gain a competitive edge on competition: have your clients submit order requests
Update clients on order statuses and promote agency-client transparency
Respond faster to scheduling changes with automated alerts and gap-filling suggestions
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74% Of hiring managers said that technology is what sets staffing agencies apart.

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Provide all temp and contract employees with a quality onboarding process that drives inclusivity and higher re-deployment rates
Customize employee cards with attached photos, certificates, documents, and more
Drive accountability, efficiency, diversity, and inclusion across internal and external workforces

<purple-text>Streamline employee onboarding,<purple-text> self-service, performance reviews, birthday notifications, and more with Ubeya

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