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Keep your workforce connected to your company’s bigger picture while eliminating paperwork and addressing changing needs, effortlessly.

Use Ubeya to grow and nurture your greatest asset: your employees.

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Improve the Decision-Making Process
Promote Engagement and Culture
Increase Organizational Productivity

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Empower employees with real-time information, updates, and expected paycheck calculations
Create a stronger sense of collaboration between departments on time-sensitive projects
Keep great employees around. Cultivate a sense of community through regular updates and personal touchpoints.
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Orchestrate a <purple-text>Scheduling Symphony<purple-text>

Assign employees to shifts based on skills and performance
Manage leaves, absences, requests, and changes effortlessly using one software solution
Utilize automated alerts to instantly respond to scheduling snafus and last minute changes
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Did You Know?

Companies with high-level employee engagement have a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings growth.

Show Them <orange-text>You Care<orange-text>

Provide all employees with a quality onboarding process that drives inclusivity and higher retention levels
Customize employee cards with attached photos, certificates, documents, and more
Drive accountability, inclusion, and diversity across for both permanent and temporary employees

<purple-text>Optimize your organizational flow<purple-text> by balancing company, customer and employee needs with current and up-and-coming labor laws

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