Manage your staff efficiently
On-call, freelancers, daily or hourly staff - all in one smart and segmented staff directory.
Personal staff information
Ask your staff to fill in their personal information directly through the app or define the fields that can be edited only by you. Get notifications when staff update their profile.
Work experience
Explore your staff’s work history and experience, the events they have worked in the past, their ratings and reviews.
Multiple pictures
This feature allows your staff to update their profile photo gallery or you can update it yourself. The gallery is a useful tool to help you market your staff to potential clients.
Attached documents
Organize your paperwork into your users profiles - contracts, agreements and all other staff documents.
Dynamic fields
You can also add and define dynamic fields for your staff - for example, add the 'languages' field and ask your staff which languages they speak. Once you have an event that you need French speaking staff members, just target these members as your audience and ask them to sign up for the event.
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