Meticulously Created For Your Service

Keep Your Desk as Spotless as Your Services

Deliver Impeccable Service
Instantly Adapt to Changes
Avoid Costly Staffing Demands

Attention-to-Scheduling Detail

Plan optimal coverage of employees based on availability, skill-set, location, budget, demand
Improve your team’s scheduling standards so that your business complies with fair and legal employment practices
Receive alerts when a team member is unavailable and find last-minute replacements

Your Time, Your Dime

Record real-time attendance, exact work hours, who is on site and who’s running late
Track when employees clock in and out with their in-app mobile time clock
Capture and approve accurate timesheets, and sync with payroll
Pay employees on time with complete accuracy and updated expenses

Crystal Clear Communication

Send synchronized shift details, alerts and reminders directly to your team’s phones

Keep all channels of communication constantly open with employees, teams and customers

Provide superior service by making open or last-minute shifts available to qualified team members

Manage updated availability, scheduling gaps, shift swaps, leaves and requests

Shine On, Workforce!

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