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Labor shortage is a top concern in construction, with


of general contractors naming it the biggest hurdle for 2021

Ubeya helps preserve

a skilled workforce, prevent project delays, and lower labor costs
Increase productivity by retaining high performance employees
Keep workers safe from work-related injuries with smart employee onboarding
Keep track of timesheets and payroll for all employees
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Accurate and <orange-text>Reliable Schedule<orange-text>

Allocate your employees between locations with quick scheduling
Receive alerts when a team member is unavailable and find a last-minute replacement
Distribute work evenly and fairly between laborers
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It Pays to <purple-text>be Safe<purple-text>

Abide by wage and hour laws with in-app notifications for payroll and scheduling violations
Keep track of overtime payments in real-time
Avoid overstretched workforce and lower injury rate
Export directly to payroll and correctly compensate employees for their work
Connect Your Workforce

Lay Down <orange-text>Concrete Communication<orange-text>

Stay in contact with your workers directly via the mobile app
Notify your employees of weather and location changes
Send pre-shift safety regulations to ensure protocol is being followed
No more confusion: Send emergency alerts at a moment’s notice and know that everyone is on the same page

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