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Strong employee engagement lowers turnover rates by


when compared to poorly engaged workforces

Ubeya boosts

communication and increases the sense of inclusion and work commitment
Streamline employee onboarding
Promote employee engagement and company culture
Document real-time attendance, exact work hours, and break times
Animation of scheduling a shift change

<purple-text>Master Scheduling<purple-text> in No Time

Stay on top of employee leave and limited availability
Save time by auto-scheduling qualified staff with adjustable templates
Efficiently deal with no-shows and last-minute scheduling changes
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Stay On the <purple-text>Same Page<purple-text>

Utilize the employee phonebook for direct communication
Significantly decrease onboarding time with auto-generated checklists and notes
Boost employee recognition with in-app social messaging and feed
Have a single employee registry for both contract and contingent workers
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The Bottom <orange-text>Line<orange-text>

Track real-time attendance, exact work hours, and breaks
Receive instant notifications when employees approach overtime
Record and approve accurate timesheets, and sync to your preferred payroll system
Compensate employees correctly and on time, including bonuses and expenses

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