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With a negative projected workforce growth of


employee retention is a major concern

Ubeya encourages

employee engagement and productivity, by aligning and connecting teams
Reduce cycle time by sharing updates and checklists among teams for shift preparation
Allocate employees to specific shifts, positions, and locations to limit labor cost overruns
Shorten the distance between management and the workforce, increase engagement and employee feedback
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<orange-text>Assemble<orange-text> Your Schedule

Avoid bottlenecks with smart scheduling
Optimize employee placements and get the best performing teams to work together
Track when employees clock in and clock out, take breaks and days off
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Just in <purple-text>Time<purple-text>

Abide by wage and hour laws with in-app notifications for payroll and scheduling violations
Capture and approve accurate timesheets and easily integrate with payroll systems
Pay employees on time with complete accuracy and updated expenses
Receive instant push notifications when employees are approaching overtime
Connect Your Workforce

Build Up <orange-text>Team Communication<orange-text>

Send synchronized shift details, alerts, and reminders directly to your team’s phones
Increase shift flexibility by making open or last-minute shifts available to qualified team members
Centralize communication and create relationships across roles, departments, and locations
Send pre-shift health check assessments to ensure protocol is being followed safely

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