Promotional Staffing
We understand that you are in the business of people, not products. To manage your promotional staff you want to segment them by skill, location, measurements, and ratings. Existing solutions won't do the job. Ubeya’s got you covered.
How Ubeya helps promotional businesses?

Unlimited staff support

Size doesn’t matter. Your entire staff team, big or small, is organized in one database.

Customized pricing

Your account can have thousands of staff - you only pay for those who actually worked.

Multiple pictures for staff

Market your staff with professional profiles and multiple pictures that you can share with your clients.

Engage your clients

Automatically create a designed presentation of your staff to share with your clients.

Profit and loss

Automatically calculate P&L for each job and keep track of your earnings.

Collect data

Ask your staff to fill in reports before and after the job and keep track of business leads and sales.

How we grew from 15 to 1,500 staff
When we first started our staffing agency in 2014, we were managing around only 20 staff members. We decided to start using Ubeya as our employee management software in 2016. Very quickly, we saw that we were able to afford to recruit more people and, using the software, we grew our employee base exponentially. Today, we’re managing more than 1,500 active employees and still growing.

Ethan, CEO @Friends ManPower
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