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Independent grocers turnover rate reaches up to


for part-timers and 19.5%amongfull-time employees

Ubeya boosts

scheduling flexibility and increases employee engagement and dedication
Promote a strong reputation and become shoppers top choice
Regulate daily wellness checks for employees
Increase sales and performance
Animation of scheduling a shift change

Taking Stock of <orange-text>Your Workforce<orange-text>

Smoothly shift employee schedules, fill in gaps and keep up with demand
Merge performance and sales data to auto-schedule best-performing teams together
Create a better shopper experience by quickly reallocating labor to more high-return, customer-facing departments
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Prompt <purple-text>Communication<purple-text>

Keep your staff in the know for last minute schedule changes
Centralize communication and build relationships across stores, roles, and departments
Share updates and checklists among teams for shift preparation
Send messages to individual employees or your entire workforce
Connect Your Workforce

<orange-text>Shopping<orange-text> Rules

Abide by changing local labor laws, built-in to the system
Send app notifications and reminders on worker’s health and safety protections
Make sure your workforce takes breaks, time-off and, doesn’t over-work themselves
Pay employees on time with complete accuracy, and updated expenses, and bonuses

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