Perfectly Packaged for Your Business Demands

Deliver More With a Flexible Workforce Management Solution

Drastically Reduce Labor Costs
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Create Better Work-Life Balance

Schedule, Demand, Match!

Auto-schedule best-performing employees together according to demand
Tackle last-minute changes in demand, scheduling and meet quotas and deadlines
Distribute work evenly and fairly between full-time, part-time, flexible or casual employees

Time to Pay

Record exact shift times and verify start and end locations from your employees’ mobile devices
Monitor sufficient break times and time-off between shifts
Edit timesheets and export to payroll with just one click
Export directly to payroll to correctly compensate employees for their time, and on time

Seamlessly Communicate

Centralize effective communication across all departments, teams and job roles

Send real-time updates to specific individuals or designated teams

Pin relevant announcements to align your entire workforce with brand policies and goals

Give your customers confidence that health and safety protocols are being followed

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