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Unifying and simplifying your management

Better management packaged in one powerful solution

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Reshaping shift work experience:
Order staff, manage internal and external workforce and stay on top of every step - Onboard, schedule, track, automate, pay and engage

Why Ubeya?

All Your Biggest Employee Management Problems Solved with One Platform

Let AI replace your repetitive operational work

Platform automations reduce your administrative work to a minimum and save you a lot of time and money.

Let AI replace your repetitive operational work
Retain your workers and get the best out of them

Retain your workers and get the best out of them

The key is a workforce app they enjoy using and benefits them with everything they need. Fill your shifts and receive job confirmations in no time.

Pay only for actual work time

No more uncontrolled clocking in and out. All necessary precautions to ensure alignment between scheduling and timesheet. 

Retain your workers and get the best out of them
Regain control of your financials

Regain control of your financials

Add analytics to your day to day, track performance and financials in real time even from your mobile device.

One place for internal and external workers

Working with external workers? Schedule, view and analyze the cost and performance of your internal and external workers, all in just one place.

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One place for internal and external workers

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Plug & Play integrations to top platforms in the ecosystem - Applicant tracking systems, Invoicing & payroll solutions, CRMs or HRIS systems, our open API and integrations will allow you to fully streamline your operations.

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Flexible Workforce
Adapted to Your Business

Save Time and Money

No more wasted hours on calls and spreadsheets, errors and miscommunications - Better employee management app.

Elevate Productivity
(and Joy!)

With all your employee management tasks streamlined and automated, busy makes room for productivity

Become More Resilient

Proper planning makes you more prepared for any change or surprise that will surely appear

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“Managing temp workers is a hard task, finally Ubeya provided us with the needed technology to succeed”

Paul Marcinowski, Director of operations at Arc Hospitality Recruitment
Headshot of Seth Whalen

"Ubeya saves us time, which in turn saves us money. It also takes away a lot of human error and repetitiveness, and allows our staff to keep track of their work easily."

Seth Whalen, CEO & Founder PTL Events
Reina, owner of Mint People

“Ubeya has literally changed our lives. Our entire operation is running more efficient and smoother than ever before”

Reina G, Owner of a staffing agency
Motus one logo

“One client was determined to stay true to the ‘old school’ method. I dared hot to see who’ll finish the payroll first. 30 minutes later I was done, but this poor guy kept working at it for the next two weeks”

Claudia, Head Planner at MOTUS ONE
Xenia logo

“Ubeya helps us massively. We can fill bookings so much faster, it’s ridiculous. Our recruiter-to-booking ratio now is 1:500 a month, whereas the industry average is 1:100”

Ashleigh Pinder, Managing Director at Xenia Recruitment
Mint People logo

“Ubeya is much more engaging than other platforms. Workers are more committed, they confirm shifts quicker and are less likely to drop out of their shifts”

Steve Bowe, Commercial director at Mint People
Lizzie Wright, Arc Hospitality, Headshot

"With Ubeya, the changes we were looking to make in 3 years we’ve made in 3 months. Just being able to have all of our information in one place is a lifesaver!”

Lizzie Wright, Area Manager at Arc Hospitality Recruitment