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Ubeya’s modular and adaptive system was built for businesses and inspired by employees. Promoting flexibility without compromising manageability.

The Outcome

Ubeya Empowers You and Your Workforce to Be the Best

Be Flexible

Swapping shifts with Ubeya

Because you can, because you should, because it’s required. Workforce & workplace flexibility are now a consensus. Create an environment that welcomes differences and accepts changes.  

Leverage functions like shift swapping, skill-based scheduling, real-time communication and alerts to create a lean, mean, operations machine.

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Be Aligned

Creating an update post with Ubeya

The same page. That’s where everyone is. All company employees connected and in-sync. Establish a culture of transparency, mutual goals and engagement.  

With one-click availability checks, full-view calendars, shift-based communications, tasks and training, everyone feels informed, a part of something big and is working towards a shared vision.

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Be Unified

Payroll reports on Ubeya

Everything workforce-related in one place. Remote, full-time, hourly, desk-less or rest-less.  Approach your workforce as one, united force to boost satisfaction, equality, and subsequently, diversity.  

Calculate payroll, payments and costs and communicate with employees in the same manner, across all employment types, locations and characteristics.

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Be Informed

General reports on Ubeya

The full picture, bright, clear and vivid. You have the power to predict and prepare. Know where everything stands at any given moment, plan ahead, and analyze the past.  

Detailed reports, real-time updates, tracking and notifications, make it so every manager has the data required to make better, quicker decisions.

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Be Compliant

Animation of creating and sending out a health-check form

Protecting employees is crucial to protecting your business. Every location has its own set of laws, so does each employment type. Rest assured you’re meeting HR and Operational guidelines across them all.

Generate rules and configure your system and settings to respect and abide by all relevant regulations.

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Save Time and Money

No more wasted hours on calls and spreadsheets, errors and miscommunications.

Elevate Productivity (and Joy!)

With all your staff management tasks streamlined and automated, busy makes room for productivity.

Become More Resilient

Proper planning makes you more prepared for any change or surprise that will surely appear.

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Trusted By

of Businesses Across the Globe

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