Driving Your <purple-text>Delivery Workforce Operations<purple-text> to New Heights

Ubeya gets you, your drivers, and your business to where they need to be
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of companies today

identify “delivery efficiency” as their biggest last-mile challenge

Ubeya increases retention

and efficiency by ensuring your workforce is at its best
Remove the red tape for operators and drivers and simplify with dynamic scheduling
No downtime. Quickly and easily integrate with existing delivery solutions like Bringg
Maximize efficiency and timeliness with advanced performance tracking technology
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<orange-text>Flexible<orange-text> and <orange-text>Dynamic<orange-text> Scheduling

Scheduling with Ubeya means that your delivery drivers can indicate their availability down to the minute.
Remove stringent shift-based restrictions. Flexible and dynamic scheduling means happier, more productive drivers.
Reduce shift swapping. Operators can rest easy knowing that drivers are working the hours that are best for them.
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<purple-text>Productivity Tracking<purple-text> Made Perfect

Easily measure driver performance (deliveries, timing, and more) so you know to nurture their strengths and help build on weaknesses.
Identify bottlenecks in your processes and make adjustments accordingly for a less stressed out and more productive fleet.
Optimize! Give your operators the information they need to schedule the best drivers for rush hour and guarantee customer satisfaction.
Be the best you can be. With all the data at your fingertips, you can make the best-informed decisions for your business.
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Do More Right With <orange-text>Demand Forecasting<orange-text>

Make use of your past data to estimate and predict future demand, ensuring that nobody’s time or energy is wasted.
Cutting-edge machine learning algorithms help you prioritize and optimize your delivery workforce operations.
The system learns your business needs. Demand forecasting helps you make the right decisions to increase savings and efficiency.
More effective staffing, better performance, and guaranteed to meet whatever comes your way. Demand forecasting does it all.

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