<purple-text>Driver Management<purple-text> Solution for On-Demand Businesses

Deploying in-house delivery service? We've got the driver scheduling and management tool to get you on the express lane to success
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<extra-large-text>70% of consumers say they’d rather<extra-large-text>

order directly from a restaurant, preferring that their

money goes straight to the restaurant

and not a third party
Schedule delivery drivers and operators using a single workforce management platform
Fill shift vacancies with outsourced staff using our Order Management Portal
No downtime. Integrate quickly and easily with a Delivery Tracking System
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Precise <orange-text>Driver Management<orange-text> Platform

Ensure only licensed drivers are scheduled by receiving alerts and attaching compliance documents to the employee profiles
Turn any phone or tablet into a time clock, or let your staff clock in using the dedicated employee app
Compensate drivers for working specific days or shifts with adjustable payroll fields
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<purple-text>Schedule<purple-text> Efficiently

Prevent staffing shortages, reduce unnecessary labor costs, and optimize scheduling with Ubeya's Demand Forcasting
Have your employees send their availability and view the schedule via the employee app
Invite workers to apply, or auto-schedule them for shifts
Save schedules as templates. Enjoy a multifaceted calendar view that allows you to apply filters based on shift time(s), employees, and/or positions
Connect Your Workforce

Fill Shift Gaps With <orange-text>On-Demand Drivers<orange-text>

Stay on top of peak hours, send out orders to get the drivers you need, when you need them
Access a pool of qualified drivers through Ubeya’s approved staffing agencies in multiple locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom
Align temporary drivers with company procedures through pre-shift tasklists, the company feed, and personalized chat massages – all sent through Ubeya’s digital platform
View and edit temp driver work hours in the same system as your permanent in house drivers

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