Large Event Management

Full control gained through multiple area management
Be everywhere with advanced time capturing
Unified management of internal and external workforces
Scale and handle 10K+ workers at a single event

Why Ubeya?

All Your Biggest Employee Management Problems Solved with One Platform


Build & Schedule Your Planner

Plan your events by areas, positions, cost centers and more

Forecast labor costs
Gather employee availability with a single click.
Organize your planner by areas, cost centers, departments, agencies, positions, and captains.

Multi Touch-Point Time & Attendance

Enhance your day-to-day operations with precise time capturing within the venue and designated areas. Ensure the right worker arrives at the right location.
With our live-view, you can see who is working in real time, whether they are internal or external workers, and track your full labor cost accurately.


Supplier management & Staff Order

Manage internal and external workforces on one platform for full control and visibility.

Seamlessly work with all the agencies in your area through a unified platform
Track and audit time & attendance across suppliers
Track fulfillment
Increased visibility

HR management: Back Office and Finance

Back office work that used to take several days every week can now be done with a single click.

Payroll, invoicing, and all financials are available and calculated before, live during the event, and after every job.


Boosted Worker Engagement and Retention

Your temp workers benefit from flexible work scheduling and can can accept shifts, clock in and out of work, and get all the wage info they need, whereas you reap the benefits of increased worker engagement and retention. Be secure in knowing they show up at the right time and place.

Explore Additional Solutions

Explore Additional Solutions

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