Time & Attendance

Beyond Simple Timesheet Calculation & Worker Attendance Tracking

When time is of the essence and the essence is your workforce’s time, you need a solution that is clear, current and connected.

Beyond Simple Timesheet Calculation & Worker Attendance Tracking

When time is of the essence and the essence is your workforce’s time, you need a solution that is clear, current, and connected

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Shift Calendar Schedule Your Employees wih Ease
Gain back control of time and payment
Grant your suppliers a free access to the order hub to create a seamless workflow
Streamline your work process with staff suppliers, from A to Z
Streamline your work process with clients, from A to Z
Approve timesheets electronically
Explore booked workers for every job
Send your workers job offers, updates, surveys, timesheet, income summary, and a lot more.
Ubeya Worker App is available on all mobile devices (Android, iPhone), on their computers, tablet, smartwatch, and any other device they use.
Retaining your workers = Drastically reducing the amount of money spent on hiring.
Add and update client's pay rates
Create and update job orders
Grant your clients free access to the order hub - Create new orders, view ongoing and past jobs, electronically sign timesheets, have an open communication channel with your clients for critical updates
Sleep well knowing you are compliant at all times
Effortlessly gather employee’s documents through their app
Bundled into the scheduling system and saves you hours of work
All your employee records safe in one centralized location
Be reminded of what’s important, whether overdue alerts or personal celebrations
No more pointless paper trails and dispersed data that provides no value
Help your employees grow and flourish with automated processes
Effortlessly gather employee feedback
Make a great first impression. Utilize workflows as part of your onboarding process
Have a clear view of all labor related expenses and potential revenues
Quickly compare between time periods to see your growth
Feel confident knowing that you made multifaceted, well-informed decisions
Spend more time on what matters and less time bogged down by paperwork
Automate payroll calculations, no matter how complex, giving you and your employees confidence in the numbers
Streamline your payroll process with an easy-to-use interface
Talk together, grow together. An open line of communication is integral to positive workplace relationships and higher employee retention
Every message is an opportunity to create a fun and inclusive work environment
Stay connected to your team and communicate effectively when it's most important
Accurate time & attendance with the Employee App
Clock employees in with facial authentication via Ubeya Tablet
Embrace QR codes for fast employee clock in
Increase worker retention
Optimize worker engagement
Avoid understaffing, overstaffing, and other scheduling snafus
In-app clock designed for employees and managers on the go. For quick time tracking and accurate payroll for contingent staff.
Time & Attendance

Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Don't just take our word for it

“Ubeya has literally changed our lives. Our entire operation is running more efficient and smoother than ever before”

Director of staffing at Constellation

“Managing temp workers is a hard task, finally Ubeya provided us with the needed technology to succeed”

Paul Marcinowski
Director of operations at Arc Hospitality

"Ubeya saves us time, which in turn saves us money. It also takes away a lot of human error and repetitiveness, and allows our staff to keep track of their work easily"

Headshot of Seth Whalen
Seth Whalen
CEO & Founder PTL Events

“Ubeya is much more engaging than other platforms. Workers are more committed, they confirm shifts quicker and are less likely to drop out of their shifts”

Steve Bowe
Commercial director at Mint People

“Ubeya helps us massively. We can fill bookings so much faster, it’s ridiculous. Our recruiter:booking ratio now is 1:500 a month, whereas the industry average is 1:100”

Ashleigh Pinder
Managing Director at Xenia Recruitment

"We are excited to take our business to the next level with Ubeya's cutting-edge technology"

Michael Wisher
Managing Director at Michael Wisher

“One client was determined to stay true to the ‘old school’ method. I dared him to see who’ll finish the payroll first. 30 minutes later I was done, but this poor guy kept working at it for the next two weeks”

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Head Planner at MOTUS ONE

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