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Our mission is to bring automation to the forefront of your business, strengthen ties with clients, and expertly manage your candidates.
Ubeya's compliance solution helps you automatically verify that each of your candidates are compliant for the job. Create custom compliance packages for specific roles or clients.
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Equip Yourself With The Right Tools

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Shift Scheduling

Forget back-tracking requests and playing a game of scheduling Sudoku. Planning shifts is better and faster with our dynamic calendar, no matter the size of your staff.

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Payroll & Invoicing

Gather accurate log-in time and attendance data. Seamlessly approve and correct your payroll to keep both candidates and clients in the loop and up to date.

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My Workforce

Managing teams is simpler when all your candidate information is in a single location. From phonebooks to health checks to licenses, your candidates portal is close at hand.

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AWR - Agency Workers Regulations

Introduced in 2011, AWR is a set of regulations in the UK that deem a contract workers’ status (and subsequent benefits) as a full-time employee after 12-weeks of employment.

These rules apply specifically to temp agency workers, not those seeking full-time work through a recruitment agency. This leaves many employers and recruitment agencies confused about how to stay compliant with the AWR.

Compliant with agency standard regulation.

Our Solution
Live Alerts
Navigate and understand the regulations and make sure you meet the criteria. Our platform alerts and notifies you of employees that reached the AWR threshold.
Make sure that you and your employees are in the compliance zone. Ubeya identifies and pinpoints potential breaches of compliance in rota planning before they happen.

P45 & P60 Forms

A P45 form shows employees how much tax and national insurance was paid by you, the employer, for the tax year until the employee left the job. These forms go from one employer to the next in order to measure the employee’s income and taxes paid throughout the year.

The P60 form is a summary of an employee’s pay and taxes for the whole year from within one organization. Companies are obligated to provide a paper or electronic copy of their employees’ P60 forms each year. 

Our Solution
Unified Database
Enjoy a single secure employee database. Automatically attach P45 & P60 forms to their personal profile.
Don't come up empty handed. Employee files, past (and future) job information all accessible from the office or on the go. No HR data gets lost.
Employees screen

Working Time Directive

Define working hours limitations for workers. Keep workers' working hours automatically monitored according to the limitations you (and the government) defined.

Gain back control over your workers' working hours. Students can work up to 20 hours a week and now you can easily be sure they don't work more than that. And not only students, you can set any working hours limits you want and to decide who it should apply to. This way, Ubeya's platform will control the working hours for you.

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Agency Worker Regulations image

Custom Payroll Models

Define hourly pay rate by age brackets. If your business pays seasoned workers by age brackets, don't worry! They will get paid according to their age and experience. With Ubeya, you can define it as a settings and manage large DB of workers with generic rates and also specific rate based on experience, type of role etc.

Not only age brackets, you can set different rates for different positions, shifts, employees, clients and get the right hourly pay immediately. You can even set different pay rates for different positions for workers who work in more than one position.

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Client Portal screen

Client Portal

Provide your clients with a digital interface through which they can easily interact with you. Save a great deal of time, energy, and money while improving communication.

Our Solution
One Clean Interface
Host your roster of employees on the platform and easily share critical information with your clients. Receive orders digitally and follow their progress.
The Toolbox
Your clients can add employee performance appraisals and approve timesheets and invoices. Save your clients' time and money while preventing human errors such as double-booking.

Employee App

Close up the divide between your temp employees and their employer. The Ubeya Crew App connects the dots at every level of your operation.

Our Solution
Efficient Communication
Big or small teams, the app is your direct line to connect to your workforce. Employees can accept shifts, clock in and out of work, and get all the wage info they need.
Employees benefit from flexible work scheduling and you reap the benefits of increased employee retention and engagement. Be secure in knowing they show up at the right time and place.
Employee Timesheets and Employee App Screens
Improve Your Recruitment Agency Operations