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With retail workers turnover rate averaging at


onboarding even a single employee is a costly business

Costing the company

up to 20% of the employee's monthly salary
Increase sales and performance
Never go understaffed during peak season
Promote a strong reputation and company brand
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Schedule for <orange-text>Success<orange-text>

Use performance and sales data to auto-schedule best-performing teams together
Easily shift staff between locations and positions to fill in gaps on the fly
Fine-tune recruitment and scheduling for seasonality and peak hours
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Create a <purple-text>Connected Workforce<purple-text>

Centralize communication and build relationships across stores, roles and departments
Send relevant updates to specific teams or to your entire workforce
Align everyone with brand policies so that they feel a part of your bigger picture
Share tasks and checklists among teams for shift preparation
Connect Your Workforce

Stay Compliant, <orange-text>be Fair<orange-text>

Make sure your workforce takes breaks, time-off and doesn’t over-work themselves
Abide by changing, local employment laws, built-in to the system
Distribute work evenly and fairly between team members
Become an Employer of Choice by embracing Fair Workweek guidelines

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