A Year in Review: Unpacking 2023’s Success and Growth

December 31, 2023
2023 Full Wrap Up
As we wrap up 2023, our gratitude goes to our customers, who during this journey worked closely with our team and thanks to their invaluable feedback our platform reached new heights. Join us in reflecting on Ubeya's 2023 journey in this two-part summary, we'll first share customer achievements and then delve into key platform highlights.

Part 1: Celebrating Customer Achievements

The heart of any platform lies in the success stories of its users, and 2023 was no exception. A staggering 173,358 new workers joined our ecosystem, enjoying the unparalleled efficiency and flexibility provided by our leading temp workers app. The collaborative efforts of our diverse clientele culminated in the flawless execution of 682,013 events that spread over 1,921,959 open shifts—a clear demonstration of their commitment to agile workforce management.

Behind these achievements were the dedicated contributions of 6,492 bookers/consultants and 9,557 captains who used the Ubeya app to help their consultants manage the events from the venue.

In terms of operational excellence:

  • Effective booking - 86% of vacancies filled within 10 minutes.
  • Operational Efficiency - 154% increase in bookings per consultant.
  • No-show rate - a 57% reduction in no-shows.
  • Worker retention - 82% of jobs filled by redeployed workers.

In addition to operational successes, a significant sum of £81,817,616 was paid to workers in 2023. Looking forward, the expansion of Ubeya into 6 new markets further cements our commitment to providing robust tools for streamlined management.

Part 2: Highlighting 2023 key platform upgrades

Embark on the next phase of our journey, exploring the technological strides that propelled Ubeya to the forefront of temp workforce management in 2023. Our commitment to evolving business needs is reflected in our ability to swiftly adapt and exceed customer expectations. In the ever-changing landscape of temporary work, we believe in staying ahead, anticipating shifts, and driving constant innovation.

1. VMS and CRM

The VMS and CRM take the classic client-supplier relationship to the next level. Create your event plan and initiate the booking process for your internal staff effortlessly. Need additional workers? Order external staff seamlessly from any agency you collaborate with – we provide the portal free of charge to your suppliers! But that's not all – establish supplier-specific bill rates for each position to ensure accurate invoices based on your agreement. 

Work seamlessly with your clients too. Allow them to easily create staffing orders. They can view ongoing and past jobs, approve and monitor your staff's timesheets, rate the workers, and even seamlessly approve invoices for those events – all through one platform designed for your suppliers, clients, workers, and managers.

2. Manage events in scale

Elevate your event staffing to unprecedented heights with our innovative features designed for large-scale events, like stadiums for example. 

  • Breakdown large events into different 'Areas' — our advanced sublocation functionality that enables pinpoint booking of shifts for extensive events, ensuring that every section is staffed with precision. 
  • Festival, concerts and crowded events - this one's for you. Our robust Offline Mode available for both crew and managers, promising seamless operation regardless of internet connection. 
  • The cherry on top is our revamped timekeeping flow: Clock in, Check in, Check out, and Clock out — a streamlined process that captures the intricacies of event staffing. 
  • Cost centers — Allocate a specific cost center to each shift for accurate financial segmentation.
  • With Google Maps integration, allocate your workforce to the exact location within the stadium, down to the last square foot. 
  • Our Live View feature brings real-time oversight to both web and managerial platforms, enhancing on-the-ground decision-making. 

3. Comprehensive pay rates module

Tailored to meet the unique scheduling and compensation needs of Healthcare, Education, Security sectors, our pay and bill rates system offers unmatched customization, flexibility and control. Seamlessly adjust pay rates to suit various positions, days, hours of the day, and clients with ease. 

Effortlessly set and adjust pay rates for different roles and schedules, ensuring accurate pay for every shift.

4. Next-Gen communication

Ubeya’s communication channels underwent a major update this year, making it smarter, goal-oriented and more customizable.

Effective communication is essential for retaining temporary staff, but why should you use the Ubeya chat? Instead of each of your consultants using their private apps for texting with workers, Ubeya keeps everything unified in one place, eliminates the need for transferring phone numbers, and allows you to maintain control over communication.

This is the reason we've upgraded our chat system with a new tagging mechanism. This feature ensures that messages are quickly and accurately delivered to the right team members, streamlining workflow and improving the work experience.

Complementing this, we're also seeing how companies are effectively using the Ubeya Feed feature to enhance internal communication and boost team engagement further. This dynamic tool allows for the sharing of real-time updates, acknowledgment of team achievements, and the cultivation of a strong community among employees. Serving as a hub for information sharing and hosting cross-company events like competitions and raffles, the Feed is pivotal in keeping everyone connected and informed. 

Together, these tools not only heighten engagement but are also instrumental in creating a positive, inclusive work environment.

5. Partnerships and integrations

No platform exists in isolation. To ensure the optimum workforce management experience, we continually forge new partnerships and integrations to enhance and streamline your workflow. During this year we’ve added 19 new integrations to payroll providers, invoicing systems, Applicant tracking systems, CRMs and learning management systems. Including SAP, Xero, Bullhorn, Jobadder and many others. 

6. Enterprise customers - Have your own brand everywhere

Happy to share that we now offer a white label option for you to use the full power of Ubeya while keeping your brand and logo. This bespoke solution offers businesses the flexibility to brand and customize the app to their specific needs, providing a seamless and personalized experience for their large workforce.

The white label app integrates all the robust functionalities of our platform. This strategic move caters to the unique demands of larger enterprises, offering a tailored tool to streamline operations and reinforce your brand identity.

As we embark on another year, we express our gratitude to our users who have made this journey possible. Ubeya remains committed to empowering businesses, and we're excited to see what new horizons 2024 will unveil.

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