Why Ubeya’s Customers Want to Stay Anonymous: A Leader in Promotional Staffing Explains

April 19, 2024
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This case study is a bit different from what we're used to. At Ubeya, we've encountered a recurring barrier with case studies—our customers often decline! However, their refusal isn't due to dissatisfaction; quite the opposite. Our customers have discovered a sort of secret weapon that sets them apart from their competitors, and they prefer to keep it under wraps. One client agreed to participate in a case study but requested anonymity and asked not to mention their staffing agency's name. This is their success story.

For years, our interviewee has been a key player in the promotional staffing industry in New York, witnessing its evolving needs and challenges. In this case study, they share their experience implementing Ubeya’s workforce management platform and its transformative impact on their business, allowing them to grow to 4 new markets in just two years. They’ve asked to remain anonymous, as they don’t want their competitors to know they use Ubeya.

New Age for Promotional Staffing

Before Ubeya, their company relied on manual processes for communication, onboarding, and scheduling, often leading to inefficiencies. “It was a constant struggle,” they recall, “managing hundreds of promotional temp workers and ensuring compliance to jobs was a daunting task.” Ubeya offered a game-changing solution – an intuitive platform that automated work processes and streamlined communication and scheduling, while its app enhance agility, engagement and retention.

Knowing Your Talents: From Filtering Mechanism to Data Security

“Ubeya understands the unique needs of the promotional staffing industry. Sure, it automates communication, but its true power lies in helping you find the perfect person for the job. We're talking beyond resumes here.” They explain. Ubeya's filtering mechanism allows companies to target specific qualities as defined by them. This is crucial for the modeling and promotional industries, whether it's height, eye color, or even proportions for costumes. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to looks alone; you can add any criteria you need and ask your workers to update it via an automated workflow. The collected information will be automatically added to the worker profile and the filtering tool, ensuring a talent pool filled with workers who not only have the right look but also the skills and experience to excel in this job. “Going into such details, we had to ensure our workers' personal data is kept safe.” Ubeya prioritizes data security, maintaining all candidate data confidentially with the highest standards.

The results were remarkable. They report that, thanks to Ubeya’s efficient filtering and automation tools, they doubled their workload with the same internal team size. 

Last-Minute Staffing Through Streamlined Communication

Filling urgent staffing needs is finally possible, and quite effortless. Ubeya allows them to respond to client requests and check worker availability within minutes. Additionally, providing real-time progress tracking to clients has significantly boosted credibility and customer loyalty.

Contacting workers was a significant challenge. "We received a lot of last-minute staffing requests from clients. It used to be impossible to identify the right workers, call them, and ask if they could make it in just a few hours. It was rare that we were able to provide staff at such short notice before Ubeya. Now, we can communicate quickly with workers, colleagues, and clients," they explain. Everything is now in the app, right in their pocket. Workers have the flexibility to choose their desired work hours and schedules and can apply for jobs right when they become available.

The process of publishing shifts, receiving applications, booking workers for jobs, and collecting arrival confirmations now takes almost no time. "About a year ago, a client called me saying they had a last-minute cancellation and they needed 10 models arriving at a shop opening in two hours. Within that time, we found all 10 workers, and all made it on time. Looking back two years ago, it seemed utterly impossible. This is how you build customer loyalty.”

Building Loyalty

The previous paragraph highlighted client loyalty, but there's more to it. "Ubeya's worker app, with its user-friendly interface and instant communication channels is phenomenal.” It fosters a sense of connection and empowerment among their temporary workforce. “Workers could find and accept shifts instantly, resulting in a substantial increase in retention and loyalty.”

Your New Competitive Edge: Ubeya's Client Portal

In a competitive industry like promotional staffing, establishing trust and transparency with clients is paramount. This is the moneymaker. Now they can provide clients with complete transparency regarding their bookings, worker placements, worker information, and photos, as well as worker attendance. This information remains available to them via Ubeya’s Client Portal, without having to go through hundreds of emails and messages. This accessible transparency, as they elaborate, has given them a significant advantage in the market, garnered positive feedback from clients, and greatly strengthened their relationship with them. Having a communication channel attached to the staff order has resulted in savings of time, money, and reductions in human errors and inaccuracies. Consequently, it boosts the likelihood of success for the client’s event, instills confidence in their personnel, and fosters greater customer loyalty.

Our interviewee emphasises the importance of client choice and control. Ubeya’s client portal empowers their clients to place bookings 24/7, view worker qualifications, approve timesheets online, and more. It can even automate certain booking and confirmation processes for workers chosen by them and the client together. The client portal eliminates paper timesheets, streamlines invoicing, saving time and money, while ensuring customer and worker satisfaction.

Looking Ahead: Growth and the Future of Work

As their promotional staffing agency continues to leverage Ubeya's solutions, they are poised to expand their operations, reach new markets, and forge stronger partnerships with clients. The strategic integration of Ubeya's platform not only ensures operational excellence but also paves the way for innovative service offerings and unparalleled customer experiences. It's worth noting that their decision to remain anonymous underscores their commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. As they look ahead, the agency envisions a future characterized by sustained growth, empowered teams, and a steadfast commitment to exceeding client expectations. 

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