Finding Flexibility: Ubeya vs. HotSchedules

October 26, 2021
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It's not easy to find the right workforce management software solution, but it is incredibly important. Here we break down the differences between two options: Ubeya and HotSchedules.

There’s no doubt that employee flexibility is the mantra of today’s labor marketplace. With a massive demand for flexibility, further fueled by a wide-scale adoption of the gig economy, workforce management platforms are constantly adapting to the ever-changing demands of the workforce. This is why companies like Ubeya and HotSchedules came onto the scene. Behind all the modules and capabilities, both platforms aim to understand and fulfill the needs of workers worldwide. By truly understanding the need for flexibility in the workplace, it’s no wonder that Ubeya and HotSchedules make a notable impact in the workforce management software game!

But enough with the introductions. Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty. The real question here is how these two platforms compare to one another. 

User Interface (UI)

There’s an old adage that tells us not to judge a book by its cover. Under most circumstances, it holds true; there’s always more than meets the eye. However, when it comes to workforce management software, business owners and managers need something that they can adapt to quickly; they need something simple, digestible, and adaptable. User-friendliness is key in this domain. There’s not a lot of time for a learning curve. After all, running a business is already enough work. This is where HotSchedules has a rare pitfall, and don’t just take it from us. The UI feels clunky, outdated, and inconsistent across different mediums, especially the disparity between its mobile and desktop apps. 

On the flip side, Ubeya’s UI is easy on the eyes. It has to be this way; our client base ranges from young and tech-savvy staffing agencies to small businesses making their first leap from analog to digital. HotSchedules UI is as comprehensive as it is complicated and is known to have a long and slow learning curve, especially for its less techy clients and employees. Ubeya’s desktop and mobile applications are made to simplify even the most complex tasks.

Creating Staff Schedules        

The king function of any workforce management software is creating schedules. It’s truly the bread and butter. Without advanced scheduling capabilities, the rest of the platform lacks real substance. As such, Ubeya’s scheduling capabilities go beyond the pale. Besides showcasing a consistent, easy-to-digest UI across both mobile and desktop platforms, Ubeya’s scheduling system offers flexible options for employees and managers, including the ability to self-schedule down to the minute. 

*Advanced Machine Learning and Preferred Shifts

Utilizing what’s called demand forecasting algorithms, Ubeya’s scheduling module will automatically create the most sensible shifts based on the anticipated demand on any given day and at any given time. Once published, the shifts are immediately available to employees to take or leave as they wish. 

In addition, Ubeya offers preferred scheduling, meaning shifts can be made available to the top-rated employees first. This gives the best workers the first opportunity to grab available shifts. Business owners and managers alike can rest easy knowing that their best employees have the opportunity to work the hours best for them, aiding in today’s much-needed employee retention efforts. All that’s left is for managers to assess the recommendations by applying their knowledge to their schedules and voila, you have achieved (near) scheduling perfection.

Ease of Access for Employees

Footing the Bill

Workforce management software is all about creating better experiences throughout every level of an organization. That means great software must at a bare minimum address and satisfy the needs of business owners, managers, and employees. Part of creating a better experience is making the app accessible to every level of an organization, especially for an organization’s driving force: its employees! That’s where Ubeya takes the edge over HotSchedules: while HotSchedules currently charges employees $2.99 to download their mobile app, the Ubeya Crew app is free of charge, giving all employees quick and easy access. At Ubeya, we don’t believe in placing any financial barriers on employees to access their schedules and payroll information. 

(In)Consistent Performance

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, your workforce management app has to run smoothly. Whether an employee is on the Ubeya app for their current job or through a staffing agency, Ubeya’s user experience provides them with a fast and accessible labor market. Many users of HotSchedules have commented on performance issues such as slow speeds and crashes. When working with more than one employer, workers report needing to log in and back out before they can access an alternate employer schedule. With Ubeya, our single sign-on allows you to seamlessly switch between employers no matter how many you may be working for.    

In Conclusion

When it comes to simplicity, ease of access, and UI friendliness, Ubeya takes the cake. Ubeya’s UI dishes up a level of usability that any age group and level of tech-ability can quickly absorb. Ubeya’s staff scheduling module provides a far simpler path from point A to point B. By offering advanced scheduling options including demand forecasting and preferred scheduling, Ubeya positions businesses to be prepared for their most crucial hours and with their best employees. Finally, Ubeya is accessible to employees without any financial barrier in place. In the battle for simplicity and accessibility, Ubeya wins the day over HotSchedules. Plain and simple.

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