Ubeya Stadia: The Industry’s First Large Event Management Platform

March 21, 2024
Introducing Ubeya Stadia
Large-scale events such as stadium matches, concerts, and festivals become complicated logistical beasts. Managing these events requires a comprehensive approach that tackles challenges ranging from complex staffing to ensuring seamless tracking in an internet-free venue. This article explores the unique complexities of large events and introduces Ubeya stadia, a solution designed to streamline every aspect of large-scale event management.

What sets large events apart from their smaller counterparts? The answer lies in their sheer scale and intricacy, presenting a unique set of challenges that demand innovative solutions. Here are some key aspects that make large events a world of their own:

1. A collection of many smaller events rolled into one:

A large event is not just a single entity; it encompasses numerous smaller events within its vast complex. From bars and sitting areas to gates, security checkpoints, and restaurants, each component operates as a distinct unit while remaining interconnected with the overarching event. The challenge is to ensure that these smaller entities operate autonomously while also synergising with each other, contributing to the cohesive integration of the entire event structure.

2. Reliance on External Staff: 

Managing a large event requires a substantial workforce, usually exceeding the capacity of an internal workforce alone. This necessitates collaboration with multiple staffing agencies to fill hundreds of shifts. The blend of internal and external staff is essential not only due to sheer numbers but also to access specialised skills and expertise that individual agencies bring to the table.

3. Complex Worker Tracking: 

Tracking and managing workers in a grand event venue and from diverse sources pose a significant logistical hurdle. With multiple touchpoints and interactions across various managerial levels within the event venue, maintaining a cohesive system for worker allocation and supervision becomes a daunting task.

4. Connectivity Challenges: 

The reliance on digital platforms for communication and time tracking streamlines management, but necessitates a stable internet connection. However, the saturation of smartphones and devices in the venue often leads to connectivity issues, leaving workers isolated and grappling with operational challenges without online support.

Navigating these complexities requires a strategic approach and the adoption of advanced technologies tailored to the unique demands of large event management. In the following sections, we delve deeper into Ubeya’s solutions that are reshaping the landscape of large-scale event coordination and execution.

Introducing Ubeya Stadia: Reshaping Large Event Management

1. Precise Area-Based Planning and Multi-Touchpoint Tracking:

Ubeya Stadia facilitates area-based event planning with meticulous precision. You can designate specific areas within the venue and allocate workers accordingly. Moreover, it offers you double touchpoint tracking, ensuring that workers are monitored not just upon arrival at the venue, but also when they reach their designated areas.

2. One Unified Platform For All Your Internal and External Workers:

In one small area, you can have internal workers and external workers from several staffing agencies, meaning the area manager must work with several platforms or in most cases 4 pieces of paper. Sounds insane, right? Ubeya Stadia places all shift workers under the same roof while retaining the ability to distinguish between the different sources with a click. How is it possible? You don’t have to ask anyone to work with Ubeya for you. The staffing agencies that are not (yet) Ubeya customers will get access to a lean version of Ubeya Stadia, where they can book, track, gain insights, and sign timesheets for the staff they provide to you. It's as easy as it comes, ensuring that this large event management is manageable!

3. The Entire Event is Packed in Your Pocket:

With Live Views on Ubeya Stadia, area managers can monitor workers in real-time, edit timesheets on the go, leave notes, rate performance, mark favourites, and ask to work again with specific workers. This real-time visibility streamlines collaboration with staffing agencies and ensures continuous improvement in event management processes.
Ubeya Stadia empowers not only area managers but all levels of management with live views tailored to their responsibilities. This comprehensive view allows for better control, efficient resource allocation, and real-time adjustments based on attendance and workload. It ensures fairness in workload distribution and optimises event management efficiency. Ubeya Stadia allows the managers unprecedented control, making this huge ship feel like a rowboat. 

4. Even If Internet Connection Fades, Your Event Shines With Offline Mode:

It may not sound logical, but if the internet connection goes down, everything remains unchanged! Your successful event has overloaded the local network. Sounds somewhat good, doesn't it? The downside is that this usually also leads to time tracking issues, resulting in many extra hours spent completing missing hours and correcting salaries. Ubeya Stadia features an offline mode for unreliable connections. This mode saves all actions and data locally when there is no internet connection. Typically, connectivity in these events fluctuates frequently, so as soon as the internet connection is restored on their phones (even briefly), everything will be updated in real-time across all levels of management, giving them visibility where no one else can see.

Ubeya Stadia empowers all levels of management, from coordinators overseeing the big picture to area managers ensuring smooth operations on the ground. With its unique tools and features, Ubeya Stadia equips every member of the event staff with the technology they need to navigate the complexities of large-scale events. Ubeya Stadia puts control in the hands of every event professional.

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