Looking For On Demand Work During Covid-19?

March 18, 2020
These companies are hiring, or helping to hire, displaced workers during the labor market crisis caused by Covid-19.

As many industries see a decline in business, more and more employees in the United States - and around the world - are finding themselves turning to different or temporary forms of income in order to push through the jobs crisis created by the coronavirus.

There are some great opportunities out there for workers who have been displaced by the service, food and beverage and hospitality industry.

Companies working in food and merchandise distribution, retail and more are actually seeing an increased customer demand that requires additional temporary and permanent employment.

List of Companies Hiring During Covid-19

  1. Amazon.com Inc. will be hiring warehouse and delivery workers. The company has announced its plan to hire 100,000 new workers in the US to keep up with the online shopping and delivery surge amid coronavirus concerns and shutdowns.

  2. The Kroger Company has immediate positions opening in its supermarket and retail stores, manufacturing plants and distribution centers.

  3. Safeway, with over 894 locations across the US, will be hiring for many different positions. Amongst them are in-store employees and delivery drivers.

  4. King Soopers, the supermarket brand in the Rocky Mountains, is also hiring immediately with many openings available. Increased demand has led to delayed deliveries and limited inventory.

  5. Albertsons, Tom Thumb supermarket chains are offering temporary work to any displaced workers to fill in positions across their 98 different locations in Texas.

  6. Target have recently listed around 9000 jobs across the US.

  7. 2020 Census of the US government is looking for new employees to fill temporary census positions.

  8. CVS has announced its plans to hire 50,000 new workers and deliver bonuses to current employees amidst the coronavirus situation.

Additional Platforms to Search for Jobs During Covid-19

Facebook has always been an excellent platform for job seekers and employers. Now more than ever displaced workers and companies are flooding the social media platform in order to fill in employment demands.



Search employment and job groups in your states to see what available and on-demand work companies are offering during this time.

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