Meet Our Partners: Talent Funnel

January 9, 2024
Meet our partners - Ubeya & talent funnel
We recently caught up with Ben Gale from Talent Funnel’s marketing team, to learn more about the world of Applicant Tracking Systems and their role in streamlining recruitment.

Could you introduce me to Talent Funnel and briefly outline what B2B services you provide?

Talent Funnel offers fully branded Careers Sites and a responsive Applicant Tracking System, more commonly referred to an ATS. We aim to allow businesses to showcase their unique branding on our Careers Sites, and when we link that with our ATS, our mission is to streamline their end-to-end hiring experience from attraction to onboarding.

A way I could nicely summarise it, is that we offer a SaaS solution that lets recruitment teams hire faster and more efficiently, improving their ROI across their hiring.

We work with a fantastic range of brands, such as Dr. Martens, Compass Group, Franco Manca - just to name a few. We love letting them really focus on providing a standout and unique candidate experience throughout the entire application process.

You mentioned about the candidate experience, is this a key focus in the industry right now?

Absolutely. I think right across all the industries we are working in, providing a top candidate experience is a priority for many employers.

One great way to look at it is that many candidates viewing or applying for an employer’s opportunities are likely to be customers and fans of the brand, which means that their hiring needs to be viewed as an extension of their branding.

That’s why it’s so important to create an experience that matches their branding. Especially because applying for a job is an emotional commitment to a brand, and as they get further into the process things will begin to get more personal - including the exchange of personal information. Employers must make sure that whether it’s their Careers Site, application forms, or email communications, the candidate is the focus and their branding is consistent to build trust with them.

Providing an application process with limited branding, poor communication or even just a dull experience can easily make fans of your brand turn away from you; meaning you’ve lost a customer as well as a top candidate.

It’s great that so many employers are beginning to look at this now, but there is still a long way to go.

When it comes to the daily use of the ATS, what impact does this have on hiring teams? 

We’re really proud that we’ve created an ATS that is so intuitive and simple to use. We even had a customer tell us it’s a “system that feels familiar to use”. 

We let you hire your way, with no restrictions on your workflows and processes. Combined with automation, one-click Right-to-Work and referencing, powerful reporting and more, we save our customers time and increase their hiring ROI.

And this is also where our integration with Ubeya becomes so powerful, because it plays a crucial part in saving time for our customers using the ATS, but also providing the top candidate experience employers are striving for.

The integration creates a seamless jump from the recruitment process over into workforce management, with all the relevant candidate information transferred from Talent Funnel to Ubeya in just a few clicks. Once you begin to scale that up, the time saved manually transferring data is huge.

It also means that from a candidate perspective, they aren’t having to fill out information again for Ubeya’s system that is already in Talent Funnel’s ATS. It’s great, as it creates a slick process for candidates.

And what about the 12 months, how is the future looking for Talent Funnel?

I could probably go on all day about this because it’s a really exciting time at Talent Funnel, but I really am looking forward to the next chapter and seeing the leaps forward our system takes. 

We have a range of exciting new features around the corner within our ATS, some innovative and some looking at further optimisation of current processes. We also have further expansion into the EU, which has been fantastic to see the results of so much hard work by the team.

I think a key part of the next 12 months or so will be continuing our close work with our current customers. 

We are really focusing on ensuring we understand and learn from their feedback - what works and what we could improve - because no one knows better than the people who use the system day-in, day-out. We’re taking the right steps to ensure we can bring customers a powerful and intuitive ATS, coupled with Careers Sites that speak volume. 

I’m really excited to see how we can continue to innovate the ATS to make it even more proficient and user-centred. And our partnership with Ubeya really does help to solidify our best in class approach, as we continue to unlock more time saving potential for our customers - new and old.

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