Michael Wisher Success Story: Why Transparency & Tech Are a Winning Combination

March 13, 2024
Michael Wisher team support
For over two decades, Michael Wisher, Managing Director of Michael Wisher Ltd., has navigated the dynamic world of temporary staffing, witnessing firsthand the industry's evolving needs. In this case study, Michael shares his experience implementing Ubeya's innovative workforce management platform and its transformative impact on his business.

From Traditional to Tech-Powered

Prior to Ubeya, Michael's company relied on manual processes for communication, onboarding, and scheduling, often experiencing bottlenecks and inefficiencies. "It was time consuming," he recalls, "dealing with large quantities of people, with up to 8,000 temporary workers at our busiest time, and ensuring compliance was very labour intensive." Ubeya offered a refreshing solution – an intuitive platform that automated tasks, streamlined communication, compliance, and enhanced workforce flexibility.

The results were remarkable. Michael states that, thanks to Ubeya's efficient communication and automation tools, it is possible to reduce his internal team by 50% and still handle the same amount of work. Filling urgent staffing needs is no longer impossible; it has almost become effortless. Ubeya enables them to respond to client requests within minutes, it is now possible to give clients complete visibility for their bookings so they can track our progress in real time. 

Staffing in record time

When it comes to streamlined recruitment, contacting temp workers was one such challenge. "If we had a booking for 300 workers, it took three or four days just to contact everybody by phone, email, or text. Then we had to book them into the event and contact them again to confirm the details of the shift. Now, we use our team more efficiently because we can communicate quicker with workers, colleagues, and clients" explains Wisher. Before Ubeya, workers may have wanted to work but didn't realise there was a work opportunity, because it took so long to contact people. Now, everything is in the app, right in their pocket. Workers have the flexibility to choose their desired work hours and schedules.

"Workers have the flexibility to choose their desired work hours and schedules."

The process of publishing shifts, receiving applications, booking workers to jobs, and collecting arrival confirmations now takes almost no time.

"A few months ago, a client called me saying their bus leaves in 40 minutes and they're 15 people short. Within that 40 minutes, we found them 20 workers and the bus left on time. Looking back a year ago, it seemed utterly impossible. We wouldn’t even know who to call first within that time frame."

Beyond Efficiency, Building Loyalty:

But the impact wasn't limited to operational prowess functions. Ubeya's user-friendly interface and instant communication channels fostered a sense of connection and empowerment among Michael's temporary workforce. Workers could find and accept shifts instantly, leading to a significant increase in employee retention and loyalty. 

Transparency and Technology: A Winning Combination for Clients

In a competitive industry like recruitment, establishing trust and transparency with clients is paramount. Michael Wisher recognizes the significance of this approach. With Ubeya, they can provide clients with complete transparency regarding their bookings, worker placements, and worker attendance. This initiative, as he elaborates, has garnered positive feedback from clients and has significantly enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness within his own business. This results in savings of time, money, and reductions in human errors and inaccuracies. Consequently, it boosts the likelihood of success for the customer's event, instils confidence in Michael Wisher's personnel, and fosters greater customer loyalty.

Ubeya's Order Hub

Michael's experience with Ubeya serves as a testament to the power of technology in transforming the temporary workforce landscape. By prioritising both efficiency and human connection, Ubeya empowers businesses like Michael's to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

The Power of Choice and Control: A Fresh Approach to Client Achievement

Wisher emphasises the importance of client choice and control. Ubeya’s client portal empowers Michael Wisher’s clients to place bookings 24/7, view worker qualifications, approve timesheets online, and more. It can even automate certain booking and confirmation processes for workers chosen by Michael Wisher and the client together. The client portal eliminates paper timesheets, streamlines invoicing, saving time and money, while ensuring customer and worker satisfaction.

Collaboration is Key: Building a Network of Success

Collaboration is woven into the fabric of Wisher's business philosophy. He emphasises the value of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and partners. This collaborative approach, he believes, is key to navigating the ever-changing recruitment landscape and achieving sustainable success. Wisher envisions expanding into new markets and industries, leveraging Ubeya's adaptability and his own experience in the recruitment sector.

Looking Ahead: Growth and the Future of Work

Michael recognizes the growing trend of flexible work arrangements and believes Ubeya is perfectly positioned to cater to this shift. Wisher anticipates a significant surge in business in 2024. He predicts a 40% increase in activity, highlighting the growing demand for flexible and efficient staffing solutions. With Ubeya by his side and a collaborative spirit at the core of his approach, Wisher is poised to capitalise on these opportunities and further solidify his company's position in the industry.

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