Safely Return to Work With Digital Covid-19 Health Forms for Employees

Automated in-app health declaration forms for employees are helping employers, managers and team leaders moderate the daily risk of Covid-19.

Despite the recent effects of Covid-19 on the economy and labor market, businesses are working hard to get themselves up and running again. In order to do so safely, employers and managers will need to be able to effectively monitor the health of their workforce on a day-to-day basis.

When it comes to shift and hourly workers, the changing demand in staffing and shift rotations can be challenging to manage even under normal circumstances. With the continued risk of Covid-19, businesses must be prepared to take full control over the safety and health of their workforce.

Nothing is More Important Than Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Workplace Environment

In order to keep up with health protocols and precautions, many businesses that are operating during the pandemic are requiring their employees to submit a daily Covid-19 health declaration form. These forms help employers properly evaluate Covid-19 risks and screen the health status of all team members on a daily basis, before they enter the facilities or start their shifts.

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To make things easier for businesses, Ubeya has introduced an in-app Covid-19 health declaration form for workers that employers can use to directly monitor daily workforce health. The digital form is automatically sent to employees at the start of each shift. Before starting their individual shifts or work days, employees are prompted to complete the health form and record their health status. Employers and managers can view responses, track who filled out the form and who hasn't, and analyze statistics.

The digital form is built into Ubeya's employee management mobile app. Ubeya's solution helps employers, managers, team leaders and those who are responsible for managing and scheduling staff to screen workers for Covid-19 and identify those employees who are safe to proceed with their normal shifts.

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Best Practices for Employee Health Forms

When creating a health declaration form for your employees, there are some standard questions you’ll want to add. Make sure to detail the most common indicators - fever, coughs, fatigue, loss of flavor and/or scent, suspicious aches or pains, and request that they confirm they aren’t experiencing any of them. You’ll also want to add a few points that might be particular to your work environment and needs.

We suggest adding check-lists, must-haves and notifications through-out the day to remind everyone of the new norm, how they should act and what they should bring. Masks, hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing are just some of the reminders we’ve seen used on our system.

Covid-19 health declaration form template:

Employee Health Declaration Template

It's easy to send your team any sort of form, push notification, confirmation or update with Ubeya and manage your workforce off-site, on-site, remotely or by any method you choose. Check out how Arc Hospitality Recruitment is remotely managing staffing and location operations despite Covid-19.

Create a Safer Work Environment for Your Employees

  1. Remind your employees to fill out daily health declaration forms by setting up automated push notifications.

  2. Use Ubeya's dashboard to easily view which of your employees confirmed or completed the required workflow, and who didn't. Instantly send messages and follow up directly with the relevant employees!

  3. Receive automated reports to your email to track your business and workforce operations to ensure full compliance.

  4. Give your managers and team leaders full access to employee communication and tracking to help monitor your workforce's daily health status.

  5. Streamline work processes and communication through a fully mobile solution like Ubeya to allow immediate responses, accurate availability updates and mobile employee management.
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The global impact of Covid-19 has increased the importance of using digital solutions to effectively manage the workforce and monitor health. It is crucial to do this on a daily basis in order to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 and keep the workplace safe for all team members.

Using an app like Ubeya to send, track and manage Covid-19 health declaration forms for employees and manage the entire team in a safe and efficient way can help make the workplace a better place for both employers and employees. Find out more on how Ubeya helps companies jump back into the business pool, during and post-COVID-19.

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