How The Dutch Hospitality & Crew Used Ubeya to Enhance Efficiency and Build Stronger Partnerships

March 4, 2024
The Dutch Hospitality & Crew
The Dutch Hospitality & Crew, a dynamic temporary staffing agency operating in the catering and events sectors in the Netherlands, encountered typical industry hurdles: manual processes, communication gaps, and inefficiencies. Seeking a smoother way, they recently implemented Ubeya’s temp workforce management platform to manage their clients, external staff suppliers and temp workers. Through an interview with Alexander Lyppens, The Dutch’s Managing Director and Anastasia Gras, event coordinator and production planner, we delve into the enhancements they've witnessed post-implementation and their vision for future collaboration.

From Paper Chase to App Savvy: Structure, Transparency, and Control

Prior to Ubeya, the Dutch Crew relied on outdated methods like email, WhatsApp, and Excel, leading to inefficiencies, communication gaps, and difficulty in scaling their operations. When the high season arrived, these limitations became increasingly evident, prompting them to seek a better solution.
The Dutch Crew discovered Ubeya through another company and, after careful consideration, made the switch. Ubeya streamlined communication, scheduling, and onboarding, saving time and boosting worker engagement. Alexander highlights the "extra time the planners now have to do other things," a significant improvement.

Building Partnerships: Crafting a Network of Trust

Collaboration is key for The Dutch Crew. They already have established relationships with other staffing agencies, recognizing that each agency on its own has limitations. They often share staff based on expertise and availability, typically to supply workers to very large events, which exceed the capacity of each agency individually. Unfortunately, this collaboration usually comes at the price of losing each agency’s unique strengths and brand. Ubeya allows them to create a broader network to facilitate collaboration within the event industry while maintaining their uniqueness. Ubeya's supplier management tool streamlines and formalizes collaboration, facilitating seamless cooperation among agencies while preserving and reinforcing their unique identities.

The Dutch Crew's story is a testament to the power of technology to transform operations, increase transparency and foster collaboration. It's a common misconception that relying on technology makes us generic, stripping away our uniqueness. Sometimes, all we need is a platform that aims to showcase our uniqueness rather than overshadowing it. As Ubeya continues to evolve with its customers, it empowers them to scale their businesses, achieve even greater success and stay branded.

Ubeya's supplier management

Engaging Workers Across Generations

Anastasia highlights the platform’s positive impact on worker engagement. The app's interface and functionality appeal to Gen Z workers, prompting them to actively pursue job opportunities and apply. She shares, "For many of them, it's like using another social media platform. It's fantastic!”. Moreover, the user-friendly interface makes it accessible for older workers as well, leading to increased engagement, stronger loyalty, and reduced staff turnover—a critical advantage in the fiercely competitive hospitality staffing market.

Expanding Horizons: The Road Ahead

The Dutch Crew's Ubeya journey is just beginning, they aim to expand into new sectors, leveraging Ubeya's flexibility. Alexander states, "Our plan is to continue taking new steps and entering new fields." Ubeya is seen as a key enabler, empowering them to achieve these goals.
This story of the Dutch Crew's transformation highlights the positive impact of technology on temporary staffing. By embracing Ubeya and prioritizing both efficiency and employee engagement, they are navigating the industry's challenges and steering their business towards a bright future.

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