Ubeya and Bringg Partner to Tackle Workforce Shortages

June 26, 2023
Ubeya and Bringg collaboration
The partnership will enable retailers and logistics companies to seamlessly access additional workers and increase delivery capacity

NEW YORK — Ubeya, a Workforce Management Platform specializing in shift-based placements, today announced a partnership with Bringg, a leading Delivery Management Platform (DMP) provider, improving engagement, and increasing worker retention. With the launch of the Independent Driver Network and the partnership with Ubeya, Bringg will now provide retailers and logistics companies with access to an additional workforce for increased delivery capacity, enabled by partners including Workwhile, Point Pickup, Tonquin and Para.

Many of the systems in place that support rapid or flexible delivery capabilities are lagging, and among the most prominent pitfalls is a deficiency of delivery drivers. There is an increasing need for access to additional workers, whether to expand quickly into new geographic locations, to help better adapt to the fluctuating demand of shoppers, or to augment staff when internal drivers are unavailable.

Bringg’s partnership with Ubeya will enable a cost-efficient combination of internal fleets, external drivers, and delivery service providers. Furthermore, by digitizing the process of booking and managing external workers, retailers and logistics providers will gain faster access to an additional workforce to achieve greater efficiency throughout their delivery operations.

“Due to the unforeseen and widespread labor shortages across the retail logistics ecosystem, Ubeya’s mission to provide retailers with unlimited access to staffing solutions was being hindered” said Omri Dekalo, CEO of Ubeya. “The partnership with Bringg enables retailers to tackle the modern-day logistics challenges of accessing, booking, and retaining workers.”

In addition, thanks to the integration of Bringg’s DMP, the benefits of this partnership also include increased shift fill rate and driver utilization, better visibility across employee performance, and platform centralization for booking, delivery management, and worker retention.

“With seamless access to an endless pool of workers, the joint value proposition of Bringg and Ubeya’s capabilities will prove invaluable for retailers and logistics providers,” said Guy Bloch, CEO of Bringg. “We are excited to be partnering with a company who shares a similar mission with Bringg to make last mile delivery accessible and valuable for retailers of all sizes.”

About Ubeya:

Ubeya is the complete workforce management solution for shift-based work, offering the leading solution for businesses and staffing agencies employing temp workers. Ubeya empowers businesses and agencies through automating and optimizing work processes, scheduling, communication, payroll and compliance. Through the Ubeya app, businesses can manage their internal and external workforce, track their performance, and initiate orders for additional staff. Ubeya helps hundreds of businesses worldwide become more resilient and adaptive to change, resulting in growth, operational excellence and happy workforces.

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About Bringg:

Bringg is the delivery management platform market leader, serving over 800 customers globally. Bringg manages and unifies last mile delivery, fulfillment and returns, empowering enterprises to manage and grow their delivery capacity, reduce cost and provide branded customer experiences. Bringg’s open SaaS platform and robust network of over 250 delivery providers, enables enterprises to offer customers any delivery option, whether using internal drivers or external delivery providers, including 3PL, carriers, crowdsourced fleets or independent gig drivers.


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