Why Keeping Staff Engaged is Good Business

December 4, 2019
6 Ways Workforce Management Software Can Improve Staff Experience And Improve Your Bottom Line

Shift to the on-demand economy

The on-demand economy is growing by leaps and bounds, “attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending,” according to a paper reviewed in the Harvard Business Review.

Event staff workers are pioneers of what is now known as the on-demand economy, but the event industry has some catching up to do to incorporate digital best practices. If you manage staff in the events industry such as waitstaff, bar staff, security, promotions etc. — there has never been a better time to use the power of web and mobile to manage your on-demand staff.

Is there a workforce management software solution for event professionals?

Event managers, caterers, staffing agencies may (mistakenly) think software solutions are for bigger companies, not relevant for them, too expensive or too complicated for their needs. You are really busy. We get it. Scheduling staff never ends and you use Excel to keep track, email to connect, and Quickbooks to pay. You are already using technological solutions. Right?

Well, what if you discovered there is a software solution developed with exactly your business in mind! This solution doesn’t require extra computer equipment, nor does it require complicated installation or technical expertise to use its functions, that will save you time and improve your workflow.

Can managers improve employee engagement for temporary staff — and does is matter?

There are undeniably strong ties between employee engagement and improved productivity. Companies with high employee engagement report productivity gets a 22% boost, according to a Gallup poll analysis in the Harvard Business Review.

Keeping employees engaged can save you money, lower absenteeism, reduce employee turnover, improve staff quality and impact a business’s bottom line.

Employee engagement can be particularly challenging when dealing with on-demand staff.

Ubeya is a workforce management solution designed for event professionals and among its many direct benefits, its technology plays a key role in helping improve staff experience, which in turn improves your business.

We’ve compiled a list explaining how incorporating technology solutions improves your staff experience and your bottom line.

A solution that organizes your business and improves your relationship with staff is win-win!

1. Easy onboarding

Workers that staff one-off events have to deal with heavy duty scheduling. Scheduling can take several emails, dozens of SMS’s, a few whatsapps, calendar reminders, and then more emails. Making sense of of all the communication can be a real hassle, even for the most organized of us out there.

Offering event staff a streamlined solution that provides access to available shifts, easy confirmations, venue details, dress code, and more details in one central location, which can sync directly to their calendars, dramatically reduces the cumbersome booking processes. With smooth on-boarding, event staff will have less stress and more focus to bring their A-game to the job.

2. Improved management and team interactions

Staff want to be recognized and addressed by name, especially in today’s hyper connected world. A manager trying to get someone’s attention with “excuse me waiter, in the black pants and the white shirt”, just doesn’t cut it.

Providing managers and fellow staff mobile access to staff profiles + photos before and during an event, makes it easier for managers and staff to build emotional connections, trust and respect.

3. Communication channels

Working one-off events with different co-workers makes it difficult to feel connected.

Offering staff workers some of the perks of full time employees, by providing them with an easy way to connect and communicate through an app creates mini communities for each event. Where relevant, event staff can even arrange carpools through the app!

4. Accountability

It’s easy for staff that work off-site to feel removed from the business.

Giving temporary employees access to a system provides employees with a sense of accountability so they will be more likely to be achieve their goals.

5. Automatic check-in

Staff workers receive an hourly wage — keeping track of hours worked can be an extra and unpaid chore.

Automatic check-in via mobile app means no need for time sheets. No extra paper work means happier staff members.

Bonus: since keeping track of hours is automated, managers can load payment data directly into payment systems so payday can come faster! What employee doesn’t love that?

6. Feedback

When staff feel like their voice is heard, their investment in their work increases. Showing staff you value their input and insights, will fuel their enthusiasm for the work. Again, this is very very hard to accomplish when you have a large and/or dispersed staff.

Giving staff access to a mobile app can make it easier to demonstrate that you value their opinion. We highly recommend you ask your staff: How are we doing? What needs to be improved? Staff can report issues and suggestions easily in real time via the app, allowing businesses to harness the collective ideas and feedback of staff that are on the front lines of work.

With Ubeya staff management is an entirely improved experience. Ubeya has a web version for you, and a mobile version for your employees — allowing you to connect with them where they are in a way that is most familiar to them.

By improving communication, offering digital solutions and supporting improved employee relationships your employees will be happier, your clients will benefit from better service and you, well, you can decide what’s next for your business with all the time your saved.

Use a workforce management platform.

Be a better boss.

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