Analyze schedulers/bookers performance and KPIs

Analyze your scheduler/booker's performance and KPIs - get the insights you need to make sure your team is running like a well-oiled machine!


Event booker stats

Analyze schedulers/bookers performance and KPIs with ease! This tool will help you keep track of your back office's performance and make sure they are meeting their goals. With detailed reports, you'll be able to quickly identify areas of improvement and reward your team for their hard work. Recruiter/scheduler to booking, or just RTB, is the ratio that determines the efficiency, speed and ROI of your recruiters or bookers. The greater the ratio, the more revenue the business can generate from those employees, and thus save on operating expenses. Get the accurate RTB of your employees. Plus, it's easy to use and understand, so you can get the most out of your data. So don't wait any longer - take your team's performance to the next level!

Time Keeping - Product Screen - Track assigned, clocked in and clocked out  employees

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