Automatically generates group chats for every job

No more endless text messages and the need to open a new group chat for every occasion! Our app automatically creates group chats for every job or shift, so you can stay connected with your team and get the job done easily!


Automated shift chat

Introducing an effortless new way to stay connected with your team: Automatically Generated Group Chats for Every Job and shift! No more wasting time trying to figure out who to add to the group chat, or who to leave out (and how time consuming it is). With Automatically Generated Group Chats, you can rest assured that everyone who needs to be in the loop is included, effortlessly. Plus, you don't need to send any contact information anymore, everything is ih-house and the privacy of your workers is kept safe. So, whether you're working on a project, shift, or event, Automatically Generated Group Chats has you covered. Get connected and stay connected for Every Job!

Time Keeping - Product Screen - Track assigned, clocked in and clocked out  employees

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