Grant your suppliers a free version of Ubeya to create seamless work through the Order Hub

Make creating and tracking orders a breeze with our order hub. It's the perfect way to stay organized and on top of your orders!


Create job orders with your suppliers

Introducing the Order Hub: the ultimate way to manage your orders! Your suppliers get a free version of Ubeya to get everything done seamlessly! suppliers can easily monitor the orders, from the moment you placed them to the moment you receive their invoice. Plus, they can quickly and easily create with you new orders. No more waiting on the phone or sending emails back and forth. Now you can aquip your suppliers with a platform to be in touch with you all the time, innitiate orders, explore workers and a lot more. And by the way - It's all also on mobile :)

Time Keeping - Product Screen - Track assigned, clocked in and clocked out  employees

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