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All the Ingredients You Need for a Smooth Workforce Operation
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Losing a front-line employee

<extra-large-text>costs a restaurant around $5,864<extra-large-text>

Ubeya significantly lowers the costs

associated with high turnover
Cut scheduling time and stop worrying about shift swapping
Run the pass on employee working hours, clock-ins, and payroll
Promote top quality service
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Tap Into <orange-text>Scheduling Excellence <orange-text>

Quickly schedule and adjust qualified staff
Stay on top of hiring and scheduling according to seasonal demand
Automatically schedule your best performing employees to the same shifts
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<purple-text>Hot Plate<purple-text>, Safe Service

Stay on top of health-safety protocols
Abide by labor laws and avoid payroll and scheduling violations
Create a connected workplace through the communication feed and a variety of in-app chat options
Have a fast reaction time for both attendees and staff
Connect Your Workforce

<orange-text>Lead Time<orange-text>, Don’t Let It Lead You

Instantly alert employees about scheduling updates
Improve employee performance and increase client satisfaction
Have a no-show? Notify employees of a newly available shift
Use notifications, chat, and customizable forms to stay on top of disruptions

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