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<extra-large-text>a hybrid solution is a must<extra-large-text>

in the event and entertainment industry

Ubeya provides a single management platform

for both online and offline events
Keep employees in the loop for schedule changes
Open communication workflow to deal with disruptions
Update in real time employee working hours, clock-ins and payroll
Animation of scheduling a shift change

And... <orange-text>Action!<orange-text>

Hire and auto-schedule qualified staff with dynamic custom or premade in-app templates
Manage no-shows, sick days, and last minute demands so there is never a gap in the schedule and your guests are always satisfied
Easily shift staff between locations and positions to match traffic flow
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Put Communication on <purple-text>Center Stage<purple-text>

Use notifications, chat, and customizable forms to deal with day-of process disruptions
Utilize dynamic workflows and make sure your staff is clear on health and safety regulations
Publish dress code, job, and client related information directly to relevant employees
Establish transparent communication with employees so they have a stronger sense of teamwork and collaboration
Connect Your Workforce

<orange-text>Don’t Let Your Payroll<orange-text> Stay on Standby

Get an accurate labor cost estimate for each event
Use statistical workforce records to anticipate staff demands to avoid costly last minute add-ons
Apply notes and numeric feedback to recognize key players and your best performing teams
Save time on manual processes by automatically exporting timesheets to your favorite accounting or payroll system

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