A Strong Workforce is the <purple-text>Best Medicine<purple-text>

Avoid Healthcare Employee Burnout, Reduce Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency Using Ubeya
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Compared to their day shift counterparts, night shift workers have a


higher risk for fatigue-related injuries and errors

Ubeya helps

with efficient and fair labor organization, to better distribute workloads
Improve quality of patient care
Create stability in a hectic working schedule
Eliminate fatigue-related injuries and errors
Animation of scheduling a shift change

<orange-text>Streamline<orange-text> Your Scheduling Processes

Easily create interchangeable schedules so that patient care levels are never affected
Stay ahead of unplanned and mandatory overtime and work schedule violations
Employ innovation and flexibility to increase the number of available frontline health workers
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Safe, Secure <purple-text>Communication<purple-text>

Stay in constant contact with your diverse set of workers directly via the mobile app
Send pre-shift health check assessments to ensure protocol is being followed safely
Share real-time updates and last-minute changes with individuals or the entire team
No more confusion: Send emergency alerts at a moment’s notice and know that everyone is on the same page
Connect Your Workforce

Right Place, <orange-text>Right Time<orange-text>

Approve work hours to ensure your employees take breaks, take time-off, and avoid burnout
Receive instant alerts when employees are sick, unavailable, or working irregular hours
Capture employee identity and location when they arrive to and leave from the job
Set your geofencing perimeter for employee clock-ins and clock-outs

Set a <purple-text>Healthy Work Schedule<purple-text>

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