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for Hospitality

An Inclusive Experience to All Employees that Allows to Provide the Best Service to Customers
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39% Of front-of-house employees quit

<extra-large-text>leading to 74.9% turnover<extra-large-text>

Usually taking place within the first 90 days of employment

Ubeya optimizes the onboarding process

and increases employee engagement and retention
Create a lasting customer experience
Keep up with seasonal demand
Fast staffing adjustments and shift changes
Animation of scheduling a shift change

<orange-text>Retain Loyal<orange-text> Guests and Employees

Hire and retain qualified staff by synchronizing all operations in one platform
Provide employees with the flexible autonomy to trade shifts and grab available openings
Manage sick days, time off, and availability so that there is never a gap in the schedule and your guests are always taken care of
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<purple-text>Checking In<purple-text> With Your Employees

Create a culture of belonging and seamless communication through your feed
Send last-minute notifications in real-time, and see who is available and who confirmed
Provide a fast response time to easily solve any issue - Operational or other
Send pre-shift dynamic assessments to ensure compliance with protocols
Connect Your Workforce

On Schedule, <orange-text>On Time<orange-text>

Improve employee stamina and monitor breaks, time-off, and overtime
Need to fill an opening? Quickly alert employees of a newly available shift
Maintain statistical and financial workforce records that easily integrate with payroll
Avoid scheduling errors so that everyone is where they should be, at the right time

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