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Manage your employees through their roster app, manage your clients through the client portal, receive new staff orders, share who are the working staff with your clients, receive employee feedback, performance review and more.

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Lizzie Wright, Arc Hospitality, Headshot

"With Ubeya, the changes we were looking to make in 3 years we’ve made in 3 months. Just being able to have all of our information in one place is a lifesaver!”

Lizzie Wright, Area Manager, Arc Hospitality Recruitment

Scale your operation: your staff size doesn’t matter
Become agile, open, and prepared
A single solution to centralize client & staff data

From Staff Orders to Invoicing,
Ubeya is The Solution for You

Build and Manage a Pool of Employees for All Your Clients’ Needs

Grow your workforce and onboard new employees smoothly with automated forms and checklists.
Customize your database to include relevant qualifications, notes, and documents for each employee.

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Light a Flame with Your Made-In-Heaven Matches

Organize and respond to client orders quickly and smartly.
Auto-schedule employees in accordance with demand, preferences, past performance, and last minute changes.
Mitigate co-employment risks by correctly classifying employees according to federal, state, and local government laws.

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Connect the Dots to Create the Perfect Picture

Keep tabs on your entire operation and keep it running smoothly.
Align and sync between your clients and your crew on the fly, to manage updated availability, scheduling gaps, shift swaps, leaves, and requests.
Build stronger relationships with your clients by promoting transparency regarding employee information.

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Account for Every Cent

Adjust and approve employee time-sheets and auto-export to your accounting or payroll system.
Pay employees on time with complete accuracy and updated expenses, while keeping detailed audit trails and sending out expense reports to clients.

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