3 Reasons to Build a Mobile-friendly Employee Experience

April 14, 2022
Coworkers using their phones and mobile devices for work
Why is it essential in 2022 to create a mobile-friendly experience for your workforce? Our friends at Fountain explain why.

This is a guest post written by our friends at Fountain, an innovative Applicant Tracking System.

As the ‘Great Resignation’ marches on, it’s more important than ever for HR teams to think critically about the employee experience. With more and more workers continuing to quit their jobs, employers must devise innovative ways to supercharge their employee experience to retain their workforce.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to building a bulletproof employee experience, one great place to start is by vetting tools that will allow your team to meet future and current employees where they are—on their phones.

Keep reading for reasons your HR team should consider building a mobile-friendly employee experience.

Screen Time

The average US adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes on their phone a day, a number that continues to rise year over year. With such staggering statistics around mobile phone usage, there is no question that companies should focus on fitting the employee experience in the palms of their workers’ hands.   

Implementing mobile-friendly employee tools will allow your HR team to adapt the employee experience to your workers’ lifestyles. If your workers are on their phones, you should find a way to be there too! That said, don’t go overboard! Your mobile-friendly employee experience should help your workers stay connected to your company, not make them feel like they’re being surveilled 24/7.

Improved Communication

When announcing mission-critical company updates, it’s important to leverage the communication channels your employees are most familiar with. 

Hourly workers who don’t work in an office setting need to be able to receive company updates on the go. Whether they’re at a truck stop taking a much-needed driving break or behind the register of a store during non-peak hours, they likely have their phones in their pockets.

Has there been an update to COVID-19 protocols that your frontline employees need to know about? What about a last-minute change to store hours? Whatever the case may be, consider investing in tools that allow you to communicate these changes to employees via their phones. This will allow you to keep your workers more informed and, in turn, they will feel more connected to the company.

Better Tracking

Opting for mobile-friendly tools like Ubeya and Fountain will help you understand the employee experience through a data-driven lens. 

Fountain enables applicants to apply for jobs directly from their mobile devices, rather than having to use the desktop-only or even paper applications of yesteryear. Once an applicant applies on their phone, Talent Acquisition teams can manage the hiring process through Fountain’s customizable workflows and data-driven reporting.

Ubeya allows employees to clock in and out of work directly from their mobile devices to eliminate timesheet errors. The platform also sends employers push notifications in real-time so HR teams can stay updated on workers’ schedules and whereabouts.

Best of all, Ubeya integrates directly with Fountain which means you can ensure a mobile-friendly employee experience at all stages of your workers’ employment, from application to onboarding and beyond!

Employee experience looks different at every company. But by implementing tools that allow you to stay connected with your employees via their mobile devices, you can stay ahead of the curve and start attracting, engaging, and retaining more employees ASAP!

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