How Ubeya Transformed Staffing Operations for Access DMC

June 27, 2024
Access DMC Team
Imagine this: you're swamped with emails and texts, trying to manage a team of event staff scattered across different locations. That was the daily routine for Amy, the Southeast Territory Staffing Manager, and Stacie, the Director of Events for DFW and Houston at Access DMC, a one-stop shop for corporate event planners.

In this blog post, we'll dive into how Access DMC ditched the chaos and embraced efficiency with Ubeya.

Back in the days

Prior to Ubeya, Access DMC relied on a cumbersome manual system for staff management. Staff availability was tracked in outdated Excel documents, and communication with personnel occurred primarily through texts and emails. "I did everything from my phone, so my phone was blowing up 24/7 because I would text back and ask for available dates," Amy shares. This inefficient approach was incredibly time-consuming, hindering their ability to focus on other crucial aspects of their roles.

Looking For a Solution: Finding Ubeya

Stacie discovered Ubeya in her search for a more efficient staffing solution. The platform's cost-effectiveness and scalability aligned perfectly with Access DMC's needs. Ubeya offered a centralized platform for managing staff availability, communication, and scheduling.

Communication on Point

Ubeya offered Access DMC streamlined communication channels and automations to support their day-to-day operations. Amy highlights Ubeya impact: "Ubeya allows clear communication regarding staffing needs." This real-time connectivity and visibility fosters collaboration within the Access DMC team. Staffing managers can easily check staff availability, qualifications, and communicate effectively to ensure all staffing needs are met. Amy adds, "It's taking so much time off my plate. Now that I can manage staff availability with just a click, I can be able to help with other things and go out on-site."

"It's taking so much time off my plate. Now that I can manage staff availability with just a click, I can be able to help with other things and go out on-site."

Ubeya: An Indispensable Ally

Ubeya has become an indispensable tool for Access DMC. It has significantly improved efficiency, communication, and overall staff management. Ubeya empowers them to focus on what they do best: creating unforgettable events and exceeding client expectations. This collaborative approach ensures Access DMC remains at the forefront of the event management industry. Amy's statement, "I would never go back if they take Ubeya away from me. I'm quitting," perfectly captures the transformative impact Ubeya has had on their operations.

Scaling New Heights: A Future of Innovation

Access DMC is poised for continued success. By leveraging Ubeya's evolving features and functionalities, Access DMC can further streamline staffing processes and solidify their place as event industry leaders. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures Access DMC stays ahead of the curve, delivering exceptional events that leave a lasting impression on their clients and attendees.

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