How Hospitality By Bernard Transformed Client and Worker Experiences with Ubeya

April 10, 2024
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Managing a temporary workforce can be complex, with challenges like communication hurdles, inefficient processes, and rising costs. Hospitality by Bernard Ltd. understands this well. However, their story also highlights the transformative power of the right technology. This article delves into how Ubeya's platform helped Hospitality by Bernard overcome challenges and achieve significant success and growth.

Overcoming Communication Hurdles and Inefficient Processes

Hospitality by Bernard, a staffing agency in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, providing additional staff to golf and country clubs, VIP clients, and catering companies for big events, struggled with time-consuming communication before Ubeya. Tanja Kasapovic, a staffing manager at HBB, notes that "communication relied heavily on phone calls, which was time-consuming." This inefficiency created a communication gap, and their previous system lacked features to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Ubeya's built-in messaging system replaced phone calls, fostering seamless communication between all parties alongside automated communication for a smoother workflow. Tanja confirms, "Ubeya allows for seamless communication between clients, employees, and the agency." Features like targeted job offers, event copying, and mobile app access for employees significantly improved workflow efficiency and reduced manual tasks. "The platform's messaging capabilities not only streamlined our communication but also saved us time, effort, and money, leading to increased productivity," notes Tanja.

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Elevated Client and Worker Experience

Since adopting Ubeya, Hospitality by Bernard has experienced numerous positive impacts. Client experience improved with built-in timesheets, communication, worker tracking features and more.

Additionally, the Ubeya Worker Mobile App drastically increased worker engagement by allowing them to easily access their schedules, apply for shifts, swap shifts, receive notifications and alerts, employer announcements, and more. Since most workers are not tech-savvy, they were a bit intimidated when first introduced to the app; however, the simplicity of the app helped in easing this onboarding process. HBB has also noticed improved worker retention, with more people staying to work for a longer period of time. The app's professionalism has also positively portrayed the company as professional and organized, which has been well-received by the new workers. Ubeya has not only affected the management level but also new hires.

Customer-centric approach

Last but not least, Ubeya's customer-centric approach, prioritizing customer feedback and actively implementing suggestions for improvement, resonated with Hospitality by Bernard. “What I really love about Ubeya is that you keep improving all the time, keeping us, customers, at the top of your priority list! We can always find new improvements. I worked with our previous system for almost two years and didn’t see any changes made during this time." says Tanja. This ensured continuous adaptation to evolving needs.

Cost reduction

Ubeya has also brought significant cost savings to Hospitality by Bernard. Thanks to Ubeya's pay-as-you-go pricing model, which eliminates charges for inactive workers, they have seen a remarkable 50% reduction in workforce management software expenses. Additionally, the platform's automated features have freed up valuable staff time previously spent on manual tasks, further increasing efficiency and reducing expenses.

Looking to the Future

Hospitality by Bernard's future goals include expanding their client base in Orange County and maintaining their reputation for excellence. Their commitment to continuous improvement is key to their success.

Ubeya's impact on Hospitality by Bernard showcases the transformative potential of technology in the temporary workforce management landscape. By addressing communication gaps, streamlining processes, and fostering a collaborative partnership, Ubeya has empowered Hospitality by Bernard to achieve greater efficiency, improve client and employee experiences, and ultimately, thrive in a competitive market.

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