Top Ideas To Celebrate National Staffing Employee Week and Engage Your Staff

December 8, 2019
It's time to celebrate your greatest asset - your staff - with these great ideas and tips.

It’s time to celebrate your greatest asset — your staff.

Starting September 16 through September 22 marks a week commemorating the millions of temporary and contract staff employed by staffing agencies across the country.

These men and women contribute on a daily basis to the economy and the strong workforce flow, and in turn deserve to be thanked — and celebrated.

What can agencies and businesses do to participate in this nationally celebrated week?

Plan employee celebrations

Celebrate your employees and your staffing stars by promoting National Staffing Employee Week at your company.

Some good examples include:

1. Hold a special ceremony with a presentation highlighting your staff or your top members.

2. Host a celebratory meal or appreciation lunch — nothing says thank you like good food.

3. Plan a team-building event or a fun opportunity to get the team and managers together in a way that breaks the routine.

Share the news

Is your company doing something special to celebrate National Staffing Employee Week? Great, let’s tell everyone about it!

Share the way your company is celebrating its staff with the local news media and highlight the contribution of temporary staff and staffing companies to the workforce economy.

This is a great way to promote your business and your amazing team at the same time.

Share on social media

Extend your thanks to your employees by sharing your appreciation on social media — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even posting a special message through Ubeya’s app.

Here are some good ideas:

1. Highlight your top employee with a picture and quote (and maybe even a prize they’ve won as a result of their hard work.)

2. Make a countdown, with each day of National Staffing Employee Week promoting a different well-deserving employee.

3. Have your employees share their personal stories about how working with a staffing agency has been the right fit for them.

Whatever your company decides to do, a gesture of “thank you” or appreciation always goes a long way. Showing staff that their company is invested in them during this special week can keep employee engagement and positivity high in the long run.

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